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Evolucione, expertos vinculando talentos con los mejores puestos We are hiring Open House Bilingual Agents 18 years to 50 years HIGH SCHOOL COMPLETED ENGLISH ADVANCED Experience in Call center, Customer service, Hospitality, Service agencies Leading company in telephony and telecommunications, looking for bilingual operators executive Management of the English language, ADVANCED or NATIVE Ability to solve problems, ability to negotiate and retain customers Facility of speech Pc management. Excellent customer service, offers and solutions concerning the services of the Company Functions Customer service by telephone in English Assist clients from service issues, billing, requests, complaints, promotion of services English, ability to read write and engage in fluent conversation Pc management Guidance on customer service, clarification and solution to consumer problems Proactive, empathic, patience, tolerance. Salary 13,000 Bonuses Grocery Tickets 2,600MXN Restaurant tickets 1,700MXN Direct hiring by the company. Benefits of Law Excellent working environment Growth opportunity Transportation Horary 8 hours at the day. 40 hours per week. Work Zone México Norte TOREO Contact MARIA URBINA .whats app 5583301248 Av. Manuel Ávila Camacho N681 Piso 3 al fondo PLAZA DE LA TECNOLOGÍA Col. Periodistas. Como referencia estamos a un costado de WalMart Toreo sobre periférico en el mismo edificio del Smart Fit pericentro Registry STPSACTCGP2100032

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